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Tom’s Subconscious, Flagg and Linoge

Last night, I read pages 812-822 of Stephen King’s The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition.  I’m proceeding through the book slowly but surely! In my reading yesterday, Nick, Stu, and Ralph hypnotize Tom Cullen so that he will go … Continue reading

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Risky Faith

On page 808 of Stephen King’s The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition, the Judge reflects on the disappearance of Mother Abagail (the prophetess): “I wonder if we need to reinvent that whole tiresome business of gods and saviors and … Continue reading

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Psalm 47

For my weekly quiet time this week, I will blog about Psalm 47 and its interpreters.  In this Psalm, Israel is celebrating God on account of her inheritance (presumably the Promised Land) and God’s status as ruler of the earth, … Continue reading

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