What Doesn’t Kill You…

On pages 1027-1028 of Stephen King’s IT, Eddie says to Richie, “I hate it when you call me Eds”, and Richie responds: “I know…but somebody has to toughen you up, Eds.  When you stop leading the sheltered igszistence of a child and grow up, you gonna, Ah say, Ah say you gonna find life ain’t always this easy, boy!”

It’s ironic that Richie says this to Eddie, right after Eddie pulverized IT when IT appeared as a giant eye, even though Eddie had a broken arm!  But Richie makes an interesting point: We become tougher when we don’t get what we want.

I may be finishing IT this week or next, but I recently started The Stand (which I will blog through after I’m done with my IT posts).  On page xvii, I read, “Baby LaVon, denied her horsey ride by her daddy, who rarely if ever denied her anything, began to weep again.”  Baby LaVon was used to getting her own way, and so she was sad when she did not.

Do we become stronger when we do not get our own way?  I hope so, but I sometimes wonder, since I can find myself resenting the same things for years.  I have much to learn about how to cope!  At the same time, not getting my own way does make me appreciate the times when things do work out in my favor.

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