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Our Parents Being Human, and Stephen King’s IT

In this post, I will muse and ramble on the subject of regarding one’s parents as real people.  I will be drawing from Stephen King’s IT, but I will begin this post by quoting from Rachel Held Evans’ Evolving in … Continue reading

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Theodicy and Reincarnation

James McGrath has a post, Liberalism Around the Blogosphere (and in the aftermath of the Indiana State Fair tragedy).  In the comments section, my friend Bryan makes a comment that overlaps with what James McGrath says in his post. Bryan … Continue reading

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Sternberg on Historical-Criticism, the Narrator, and Other Stuff

I’m continuing my way through Meir Sternberg’s Poetics of Biblical Narrative. 1.  I talked yesterday about Sternberg’s views on literary and historical-criticism, and I asked if the historical contexts of the biblical writings played a role in Sternberg’s interpretation of … Continue reading

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