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Faith and Intellect

The sermon at church this morning was about faith, which the pastor defined as trusting what God says on God’s authority.  The pastor also told the story of author Jim Bishop, who was skeptical about religion for a long time, … Continue reading

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Trying to Develop a Political Philosophy

I haven’t written a political post on my blog in a long time.  Well, there was my June post on Herman Cain, but, other than that, there haven’t been that many!  During the last Presidential election, I wrote a lot … Continue reading

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Carr on the Non-P Source

For my write-up today of David Carr’s Reading the Fractures of Genesis: Historical and Literary Approaches, I will talk some about Carr’s discussion about the non-P source. On pages 290-291, Carr defines his hypothesis: “I have advocated a ‘fragment’ hypothesis … Continue reading

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