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More on Zephaniah Being Non-Literal, Different Images of the Remnant

I’m still reading Ehud Ben Zvi’s A Historical-Critical Study of the Book of Zephaniah.  I have two items for today: 1.  A topic that Ben Zvi continually discusses in this book is whether or not the prophecies of Zephaniah were … Continue reading

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Suzanne and Rachel

Congratulations to Suzanne McCarthy of Suzanne’s Bookshelf for being Number 1 on the June 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs.  Certain conservative Christians have moderated her out of their blogs, or have shed crocodile tears over her spiritual condition.  It is for … Continue reading

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Working Poor, the Word of God

At church this morning, there were two items that stood out to me: 1.  A lady from a house that feeds the hungry spoke to us.  The lady told us a story about someone who has a part-time job in … Continue reading

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