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Do You Think About the Things That You DO Think About?

I’m reading Rachel Held Evans’ Evolving in Monkey Town right now, and I’ll be writing some blog-posts about it, on-and-off, that is.  I also have Jason Boyett’s O Me of Little Faith, and I will get to that, at some … Continue reading

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Will Mainline Protestantism Fade Away?

A friend of mine wrote recently, “With the historic mainline denominations in the US graying rapidly, with little influx of younger members, it’s likely they’ll all die out within a generation.” Will mainline Protestantism die out within a generation?  I … Continue reading

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Corporate Worship on the Sabbath

A few weeks ago, I was having a discussion with former Seventh-Day Adventist (and now Catholic) Theresa Beem on synagogues.  See here for a post that she wrote on the topic.  The question that she asks is this: “Did Jesus … Continue reading

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Concluding Peckham

I finished Brian Peckham’s History and Prophecy.  I have two quotes from my reading for today: “The epic was the first to create a past and a future.  From myth, legend, folklore, hearsay, and opinion its writer wove the family … Continue reading

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Peckham on Jonah, Third Isaiah, and Style

I have three items for my write-up today of Brian Peckham’s History and Prophecy. 1.  Peckham argues that the Book of Jonah is a parody that is mocking the prophets.  Peckham states on page 690 that “The original work was … Continue reading

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Knowing God’s Will

At church this morning, the topic was hearing God’s voice.  Two of the congregants were graduating from high school and moving on to the next stage of their lives, and the pastor was assuring them that God is there to … Continue reading

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Peckham on Joel

In this write-up on Brian Peckham’s History and Prophecy, I will talk a little about Peckham’s view on the Book of Joel. Peckham believes that Joel is disagreeing with the Deuteronomistic History (DtrH).  The Deuteronomist believed that the Babylonian destruction … Continue reading

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Psalm 30

For my weekly quiet time today, I will blog about Psalm 30 and its interpreters.  I have three points: 1.  The Psalm is about God delivering the Psalmist from death.  There are different ideas about the setting of this Psalm.  … Continue reading

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Peckham on the Deuteronomist

For my write-up today on Brian Peckham’s History and Prophecy, I have two items: 1.  On page 518, Peckham states that “The Deuteronomistic History was written after the fall of Jerusalem to situate the catastrophe in a systematic history of … Continue reading

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Peter Falk

I just learned that Peter Falk has passed on.  Falk played Lt. Columbo in the mystery series, Columbo.  Columbo was a cool series because of its celebrities (Johnny Cash, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, etc.), and also because of its usual … Continue reading

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