Mowinckel on Psalm 82

In Psalm 82, the topic is God’s judgment of the unjust gods of the divine assembly.  What is the setting for these Psalms?

I looked up what Sigmund Mowinckel said on Psalm 82 in The Psalms in Israel’s Worship, and he dated the Psalm to the late monarchy, “when Israel (Judah) was for a long time under the supremacy of Assyria or Babylonia” (I:221).  In enthronement festivals such as the ones in Babylon, Mowinckel affirms, the divine assembly payed homage to the triumphant deity, and Yahweh in the Israelite festival divided the nations among the gods.  But Psalm 82 makes the divine assembly into a judgment hall, as Israel anticipates God judging the pagan gods of their oppressors.

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