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Van Seters on the Authorship of Genesis 22 and Explanatory Phrases

I finished John Van Seters’ Abraham in History and Tradition.  I have two items: Genesis 22, and explanatory phrases. 1.  As I look at Anthony Campbell and Mark O’ Brien’s Sources of the Pentateuch, I see that Martin Noth attributed … Continue reading

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Things That Took Me Aback in the Liturgy

Church was interesting this morning.  Here are some passages from the liturgy, along with my commentary: 1.  “Loving God, we confess that too often we see others serving You in ways that appear excessive and extravagant to us.  We criticize, … Continue reading

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The Settlement of the Transjordan, Part 2

I’m continuing my series on Jacob Milgrom’s Excursus 70 in his Jewish Publication Society commentary on the Book of Numbers, “The Settlement of Transjordan (chap. 32)”.  Yesterday, we saw the problem that Milgrom is addressing: Why does the Hebrew Bible … Continue reading

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