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Psalm 25

For my weekly quiet time today, I will blog about Psalm 25 and its interpreters. Here are three items: 1.  The Psalmist starts out Psalm 25 by saying that he lifts up his soul to God (v 1).  What does … Continue reading

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The Settlement of the Transjordan, Part 1

In this post, I’ll talk about Excursus 70 in Jacob Milgrom’s Jewish Publication Society commentary on the Book of Numbers.  This Excursus is entitled “The Settlement of Transjordan (chap. 32)”. Milgrom discusses discrepancies in the Hebrew Bible on who has … Continue reading

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Van Seters on Etiologies, Olrik’s Laws, and Source Criticism

I’m continuing my way through John Van Seters’ Abraham in History and Tradition.  I have three items: Van Seters’ treatment of etiologies in the patriarchal narratives, Van Seters’ use of Olrik’s laws on oral tradition, and Van Seters’ application of … Continue reading

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