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Van Seters’ Source Division of Exodus 19-20

One bite at a time, I’m going to try to understand John Van Seters’ view on Exodus 19-20 in his Life of Moses.  In this post, I will feature his division of sources, which is on page 251.  J will … Continue reading

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Starting Lemche’s Early Israel

I started Niels Peter Lemche’s Early Israel.  What I read so far is a critique of the “peasant revolt” model of G.E. Mendenhall and Norman Gottwald, which posits that Israel was a result of peasant revolts in Canaanite city-states.  That … Continue reading

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Easter 2011

I just came back from Easter services!  Here are some things that stood out to me: 1.  One of the congregants recited the poem, “What Would You Do If Jesus Came to Your House?”  I was impressed that the congregant … Continue reading

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My longtime readers probably know that—every year during the Days of Unleavened Bread—I watch Moses movies and blog about them.  Last year, Moses movies prompted me to do a little research into Egyptian religion as well as similarities between the … Continue reading

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More on Writing and Code-Names

I have a couple of items on topics that have appeared more than once on this blog: writing and the Hebrew Bible’s use of code-names for nations. 1.  On page 155-156 of Prelude to Israel’s Past, Niels Peter Lemche says … Continue reading

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Psalm 21

For my weekly quiet time this Sabbath, I will blog about Psalm 21. The Book of Psalms is not just about individuals needing God’s help and giving God thanks once they receive it.  There is a bigger picture.  In Psalm … Continue reading

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Joy That Got Jesus Through Pain

These are just some musings on where I am spiritually and religiously.  I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to talk about this because I’ve been blogging through my academic reading. I went to church on Thursday night because … Continue reading

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Finishing Lemche’s Ancient Israel

I finished Niels Peter Lemche’s Ancient Israel.  I have four items: 1. I was disappointed with something that Lemche said on page 216: “The Old Testament mentions a few examples of human sacrifice; thus, for example, in 2 Kings 3, … Continue reading

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For Earth Day 2011

For Earth Day, I’d like to quote from pages 84-85 of C.S. Lewis’ Reflections on the Psalms.  Lewis is discussing Psalm 104: “Of course this appreciation of, almost this sympathy with, creatures useless or hurtful or wholly irrelevant to man, … Continue reading

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Collins on the Decalogue

In this post, I’ll write about the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20, according to Raymond Collins in his article on the “Ten Commandments” in the Anchor Bible Dictionary.  Collins states the following: “Each of the biblical versions of the Ten … Continue reading

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