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A Jesus to Love

My Christian faith can have its ups and downs, but I came across a few quotes this week that I really appreciated, for they highlighted the compassionate and reasonable aspects of Jesus. 1.  The first quote was by “jkx,” and … Continue reading

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Lemche on the Tel Dan Stela, the End of the Bronze Age, and Machir

I started Niels Peter Lemche’s The Israelites in History and Tradition.  Here are some points: 1.  Lemche is known as a biblical minimalist, which means that he is skeptical about the historicity of much of the Hebrew Bible.  Or let … Continue reading

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Evil Fighting Evil?

On page 115 of Gaia and God, Rosemary Ruether says what may very well be the crux of her book: “In the previous two chapters, we have looked both at the heritage of fantasies of world destruction as divine judgment … Continue reading

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