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Does Psalm 14 Apply to All of Humanity?

For my weekly quiet time this week, we will study Psalm 14 and its interpreters. In vv 2-3, the Psalmist says that God looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if any sought after God, and … Continue reading

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Levine on the Transjordanian Israelites, Post-Exilic P

Today, I’ll blog about some interesting points from my rereading of the “Introduction” to Baruch Levine’s Anchor Bible commentary on Numbers 21-36.  Here are two points: 1.  On page 46, Levine states the following: “In summary, Numbers 32, the last … Continue reading

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Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

In Jacquelyn Grant’s White Women’s Christ and Black Women’s Jesus, I read about Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, a Christian feminist thinker.  Two passages in this chapter stood out to me: “In terms of her approach to the Bible as a source … Continue reading

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