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“Helping Others”

In Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery, I read Chapter 4, “Helping Others.” In this chapter, Booker T. Washington extols the values of hard work and of self-reliance. And yet, although he indeed did work hard to help pay his … Continue reading

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Alan Segal

I learned from James McGrath’s site that Alan Segal has passed on.  I had Professor Segal for a seminar when I was a student at Jewish Theological Seminary.  It was on the history of interpretation of the akedah—the binding of … Continue reading

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Friedman’s Pre-Exilic P

For my write-up today of Richard Elliott Friedman’s Who Wrote the Bible?, I want to write about why Friedman believes that P was pre-exilic (in contrast to the traditional Documentary Hypothesis, which dated him to Israel’s exilic and post-exilic periods). … Continue reading

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