Where’s the Fruit?

For me, it’s Tuesday night right now.  I’m writing Thursday’s post on Tuesday because, sometime on Thursday, my Internet will be cut-off, and I’ll be on the road moving from Cincinnati to upstate New York.  Because I want to post at least something each day, I’m writing Thursday’s post on Tuesday.  I will read and publish comments whenever I can, but it may take a couple of days before I get to them.  So please don’t feel snubbed if your comment doesn’t appear for a few days!

I want to feature a quote from Russell Miller’s post, The Gift of Christmas.  This quote has shed light on why I feel the way that I do when it comes to certain Christians:

“And what I have always found to be lacking in any Church environment I have gone to is the lack of sacrifice. I am a very hurting and troubled person, and used to be way more hurting and troubled. And when I got to church, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was at least expecting to see the love of God – that which is not human, that which sacrifices, that which forgives and loves regardless and unconditionally. I was not raised in a church that had this love, and no church that I had found since had this love. In fact, I went to some of the most frigid and conditional churches I could find, and finally I gave up, assuming this love was not to be found.

“And I became an atheist.”

Russell is no longer an atheist, and he is also friends with one loving Christian.  But I appreciate his point.  Why do Christians get under my skin?  After all, they’re human, just like I am.  I know that I’m far from perfect.  Who am I to give somebody else a poor grade?

Granted, Christians are not perfect.  But they claim to have an edge that non-Christians lack, namely, the Holy Spirit, which supernaturally transforms them into people who produce the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, etc.  There are people who feel that Christians are pretty smug to claim that they have a moral edge that non-Christians do not have, especially when Christians aren’t necessarily better than anyone else when it comes to how they live their lives.

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