Four Reactions to Ken Pulliam’s Recent Passing

In this post, I don’t want to focus on the disgusting reaction of certain conservative Christians to the death of former fundamentalist Ken Pulliam.  I do, however, want to feature four quotes on how people are processing his death in terms of their own ideology or perspective:

1.  Here is a comment by Danny on the blog “Unreasonable Faith.”  Danny (I take it) is a non-Christian: 

“We know he isn’t being tortured somewhere. We know he isn’t being forced to eternally worship a tyrannical god. We know he isn’t cold, hot, hungry, thirsty, or tired. He feels no pain, pleasure, happiness or depression. He’s just…..dead. The same state we enter after sleeping for two or three hours, he is in forever. The only way he lives is through his ideas, which live on the internet, and in the minds of the people who he reached with his beliefs to him, and the minds changed by the people he reached transferring his ideas. His beliefs will continue on for many centuries, possibly longer, along with the beliefs of others, he is a part of the fiber that will usher in a new age of freedom from religion. I think that’s a lot stronger than any religious afterlife. It isn’t abstract, or physical. No pearly gates, no streets of gold, no virgins. Rest in Peace, Ken.”

2.  Here is a comment by Brennon, a Christian: 

“Today, while we remember the tragic but necessary split that occurred in 1517, I am also sad to hear that Ken Pulliam has died. I hope and pray that his spiritual state was different than it appeared. God is merciful and just and will judge Dr. Pulliam as He sees fit. Keep his family in your prayers, please.”

3.  This is a comment by Ken’s niece, a Christian:

“No one truly knows anyones spiritual state. We know what we hear from them, but those are only words. Only the[y], themselves know their true spiritual state. I’m not one to debate when it comes to believers and non-believers. I believe we were all created by a loving God. It was Ken who lived his life for God so many years, that even at the age of 15, I wrote him a letter and mailed it out to Arizona to him. Seeking guidance from him on how I to could have true salvation and live my life according to God’s will. I said in my wall post above that ‘I rest assure with my faith in God’ that Ken is in Heaven. Why do I say this. I know my uncle had the [r]eal thing. That when he said his sinner’s prayer and asked the Lord into his heart he [was] sincere and genuine. He was a new person. All the old had pass[ed] and he had been born again. Actions always speak louder than words. His actions was seeking God. Wanting to know more about God. Wanting to have that one on one relationship with God. Ken had this. So I know the promise that God made to all of us.

“John 10; 28-29….I give them eternal life and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My father who has given them to me, is greater than all, no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.

“The keyword in the scripture is NO ONE…..

“When I seen this page had been created, it was no surprise to me to see how many admired my uncle and how many lives he had touched.  Lets rejoice and celebrate the life Ken had and lived. He was placed on this earth for a reason, as we all are. I’m confident his purpose was fulfilled. Lets remember his wife, son and daughter as they are dealing with a difficult loss. As we have suffered from 4 losses in the past 23 months. Thank you all for caring for such an amazing person. Ken R. Pulliam.”

4.  This is a comment by his daughter.  I’m not sure what she believes.  But she loved her Dad:

“Daddy… I miss you so much. I hope you know now how important you and your wisdom were to so many people. You were a kind hearted loving dad who taught me so much. Your patience and understanding helped guide me through the years. Through the good and bad times, our family seemed to get through them. You were the smartest man I know, I could ask you anything and you always had an answer. You touched many peoples lives throughout your time, we all lost a good teacher, mentor, friend, loved one, and dad. Regardless of what everyone else believes or doesn[‘]t believe, I know you are now in my heart, and I will keep you there as long as I am here. I love you.”

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