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Love, Loved, Salvation by Works in Dating, Etc.

Someone I know on the Free Believers Network wrote: “A friend told me that one of the things she’s looking for in a guy is that ‘he must love the Lord.’ Whereas I’m looking for a girl who knows she’s … Continue reading

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Leslie Nielsen

I just read that actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away. This is ironic, for a few days ago I watched the Highway to Heaven episode in which he played a corrupt rich man who got shot. Jonathan and Mark show … Continue reading

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Conversion Testimonies

This afternoon, I was reading somebody’s testimony about her journey from the occult into Seventh-Day Adventism.  While I do not hold to her beliefs, I clicked “like” on her testimony because, in general, I like to read people’s testimonies, regardless of … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 12

I finished my study of Ecclesiastes today! What I get out of Ecclesiastes 12 (based on my consultation of commentaries) is the following: We will all eventually die. That message is conveyed in vv 1-8, whether you see those verses … Continue reading

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Dexter and the Trinity Killer

Yesterday, I finished up Season 4 of Dexter.  On it, John Lithgow delivers an Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning performance as Arthur Mitchell, the “Trinity Killer.”  Arthur Mitchell is a family-man, deacon, and builder of homes for the homeless by … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 11

For Thanksgiving, I studied Ecclesiastes 11.  What I got out of the chapter (based on my consultation of commentaries) was the following: 1.  On vv 1-2: We should give to charity or invest because we can gain positive returns from so … Continue reading

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Nixon the Underdog

Last night, I watched Frost/Nixon, which is about journalist David Frost’s historically significant interviews of Richard Nixon, not long after Nixon had resigned from the Presidency due to the Watergate scandal. A poignant scene in the movie is when Nixon … Continue reading

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I’m not trying to be sophisticated on this blog.  I just write what I think.  A point can be un-sophisticated according to the elitist criteria of certain people, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the table.

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Wired for Monogamy

I was having a discussion about Ayn Rand yesterday with a Christian friend, who is reading Atlas Shrugged. He argued that we are “divinely wired for monogamy.” Ayn Rand promoted adultery in Atlas Shrugged and herself carried on an extramarital … Continue reading

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What Motivates Social Interaction?

What motivates my interactions with people?  Do I love people?  Do I love attention from people?  Do I want to be liked?  Do I desire to learn something new from people?  Or is it a combination of these factors?  If … Continue reading

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