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Comp Consolidation: Greco-Roman

This post links to my past posts on books and articles that I read for my Greco-Roman comp.  I read stuff outside of the syllabus, but I won’t link to my posts about those readings here.  In this post, I’ll … Continue reading

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Profound in Any Stage: Anne Rice’s Spiritual Journey

As several of you may know, Anne Rice, the writer of vampire novels (including Interview with a Vampire, which was made into a movie) and books about the life of Christ, has officially left Christianity.  Here are some quotes from … Continue reading

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Is Genesis 1 Poetry?

Some time back, a person on Nick Norelli’s blog recommended that I read Henri Blocher’s In the Beginning.  This commenter’s argument was that evangelical scholarship nowadays does not view Genesis 1 as literal history, but rather as poetry.  I started … Continue reading

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Meandering through II Kings 16

For my weekly quiet time this week, I studied I Kings 16.  It’s about the reign of King Ahaz of  Judah.  According to v 2, Ahaz was twenty years old when he began to reign, and he ruled sixteen years … Continue reading

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