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Criticisms of the Stoics

I’m still going through some of my friend’s notes as I prepare for comps.  Here, I want to talk about criticisms of Stoicism. Platonists were critical of Stoic pantheism (if that’s the correct term).  My friend quotes Plutarch, a Middle … Continue reading

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Princes and Grinds

Izgad had a good post last week, Does the Stimulus Package Discriminate Against Aspergers?  He refers to an article by David Brooks that discusses two kinds of business people: princes and grinds.  Princes are charming extroverts, whereas grinds are socially-awkward.  But the princes were … Continue reading

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In my reading today of Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True, I learned more about “Lucy”, or Australopithecus afarensis.  According to many evolutionists, Lucy resembled both apes and humans, making her a transition between the two (or at least showing that such a transition … Continue reading

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