Porky Pig: Old Glory

Notice that “Under God” is not in this Pledge of Allegiance, since this film was made in the 1930’s. “Under God” was put into the Pledge in the 1950’s. I watched this when I was a little kid. Porky’s struggles saying the Pledge reminded me of my Mom making me say it over and over until I learned it—with “Richard Stands” and the whole bit! And Uncle Sam’s lecture to Porky reminds me of my elementary school teachers who gave us a lecture about the greatness of America and freedom whenever we were saying the Pledge in a perfunctory fashion, or diverting our gaze from the sacred American flag while we recited it. “Some countries don’t even allow rock and roll!”, my second-grade teacher said. That’s ironic because some would argue that rock music was a Communist plot to corrupt our youth—the very opposite of patriotism! BTW, did you know that kids used to say the Pledge while holding out their right arm? We stopped doing that salute once it became associated with the Nazis! In any case, this is a good little movie, and, although America’s not perfect, I’m glad that I live here. And, like John Goodman on King Ralph, I’ll always admire the American colonists for kicking the rear-end of the mighty British!

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