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Will the Culture Wars Remain with Us?

Rachel Held Evans has a post today, A Response to Ken Ham: Let’s Make Peace.  Rachel’s book, Evolving in Monkey Town, was discussed in a Nashville article that made its way into USA Today.   The article states the following: Pastors and … Continue reading

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A Real Testimony

I just got done with a public speaking engagement, in which I gave a personal spiritual testimony, if you will.  Let me say that this was the first time in public speaking when I have spoken from my heart.  In the … Continue reading

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Why’s it so difficult for me to take a personal moral inventory, to take an honest look at bad (or inappropriate) things I have done?  Is it because I’m afraid that I’ll find out I’m a bad person, when I’m really not?  Or … Continue reading

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Is Typology a Good Excuse?

Today, I read my friend’s notes on New Testament interpretation.  He talks about Richard Longenecker’s book, Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period, as well as Leonhard Goppelt’s Typos. What shines through my friend’s notes is the notion of typology: that … Continue reading

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Latin Mass 7/25/10

I didn’t write about my Latin mass yesterday, so, today, I’ll share my favorite items from the church bulletin (published by J.S. Paluch Company). 1.  St. Monica was upset that her son, Augustine, wasn’t following the Christian faith.  She talked to … Continue reading

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Posts on Hebrew Bible Comp Readings

I want to consolidate my blogs about my comps reading, and I’ll be starting that process today.  Here, I’ll post links to the posts I’ve written about my readings for my Hebrew Bible comp (though I also include one link … Continue reading

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Final Tidbits from Coyne

I finished Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True last night.  He said that hobbits lived 18,000 years ago in Indonesia (page 207), that paleontologists think the T-Rex had feathers (page 237), that sickle-cell anemia helped black Africans to ward off … Continue reading

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II Kings 15

For my weekly quiet time this week, I studied II Kings 15. Every commentator that I read today talked about the chronological problems in this chapter.  I-II Kings usually discusses the reigns of the kings of Israel in reference to … Continue reading

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Prosopon (for the Antiochenes)

I read my friend’s notes about Diodorus’ (fourth century C.E.) description of the Antiochene school of biblical interpretation, which is literal.  One key term for the Antiochenes is “prosopon”, which (in my friend’s words) “is the point of view of … Continue reading

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Irrational Passions from a Rational Faculty

Today, I read my friend’s notes on Neo-Stoicism.  The Neo-Stoics believed that there were four passions: pleasure, desire, fear, and sorrow.  They didn’t think that these passions proceeded from an irrational faculty, though.  Rather, they held that the rational faculty is making an … Continue reading

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