Oh Brother…

Every now and then, I’m going to have a post called “Oh Brother…”  It will comment on sayings I’ve recently encountered that cause me to roll my eyes and say, “Oh brother…”

Here’s our batch for the week!

1.  I don’t care if Obama’s having the National Day of Prayer or if he isn’t.  Fact-checkers: I’m not interested!  Post your technicalities some place else!  But here’s something by one of Obama’s right-wing critics on Facebook:

…its just that many Americans would like to see their leader honor and respect our heritage. By not doing that, he is offending many rather than just not participating, in my opinion. It would have been nice if he had simply picked a prayer that a former president gave at any time and read it. That way it would have been a “historical quoting”, he would have been better appreciated by praying Americans, and he wouldn’t have had to come up with anything original. Hard to argue with something a dead president said! LOL

I guess I’m tired of his arrogance and disdain for an America most of us think of, were raised to believe and understand. It further separates him from the heart and soul of America and his non-JudeoChristian world view and his extreme push towards Marxism in which no one will have any freedoms except the “new” bourgeois of leftist elitists……very scary. I think we need to keep praying for the scales to be removed from our President’s eyes and that he see and come to know the Truth.

Extreme push towards Marxism?  Like…where?  We’re being told to buy insurance from private health insurance companies.  If Obama were Marxist, he’d nationalize the health insurance companies and take their profits, which a huge part of me would enjoy watching!  And what truth does this person want Obama to see?  The God-ordained truth of conservative Republicanism and social Darwinism?  There’s one problem with that: it’s not in the Bible!  And who is “most of us?”  “Most of us” (well, not me at the time) elected Barack Obama President.  Why do so many conservative Christians act as if they speak for all of America?  You hear this spiel at Tea mobs (oops, Parties), too!

2.  “If anybody comes along espousing some message and asking for tolerance, you can be sure it’s error because error demands tolerance, whereas truth demands scrutiny.” – John MacArthur

Yeah, and we all know how tolerant John MacArthur is.  It’s either his way or the highway!  For one, who says error is what demands tolerance?  Christians have been killed throughout history by intolerant people.  So I guess that, by MacArthur’s logic, Christianity must be in error because it’s the object of intolerance!  Intolerance is not necessarily the same as scrutiny, for intolerance can flow from prejudice and a lack of information.

Two, truth demands scrutiny?  Then why do so many conservative Christians holler when someone tries to scrutinize their “truth”—whether that scrutiny comes from evolutionists, philosophers, historical-critics of the Bible, etc.?

3.  I love Nick Norelli, and I love Nick Norelli’s blog.  But he posted a quote by James White that made me roll my eyes and say, “Oh brother…” (see here):

I never understood how non-Reformed apologists rejoiced over someone moving from atheism to deism, as if this somehow proved something. It is the “better to be a little closer to the truth” concept—which leaves the person under the wrath of God (since you don’t get salvation by getting closer to the truth, you get salvation by repenting and believing).

I assume White is talking about Anthony Flew, who recently passed away.  Flew was a philosopher who was once an atheist and became a deist.

But here’s my reaction to White: “Oh brother…”  For him, you either do things his way, or you’re going to hell!  There’s no respect for the process of learning and coming to know God, or the complexity of human beings.  You have to sign on the dotted line and say the sinner’s prayer before you die, or you’re out!  And why are there conservative Christians (like White) who like to Monday-morning quarterback about whether dead people are in heaven or hell?  See also my post, The Health Club Killer.  That’s not particularly sensitive, is it?

4.  Singer Jennifer Knapp came out of the closet.  Here’s what one conservative Christian said:

Yeah, it’s sad. But we can’t embrace her lifestyle either. It’s a tough thing hearing something like that. What shocked me was that I had not heard that Ray Boltz announced 2 years ago that he was gay. WHAT a huge blow to conservative Christians. I went to his website and he wrote a song about being okay to be who he is. All day I’ve had “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” in my head. If we really think about the devil, he’s going to a lake of fire for eternity, he knows it. He knows his lease hasn’t run out yet on earth. He’s doing everything he can to destroy man before he gets sent down there. And the deception. Geez. The bible says that in the last days evil would be called good and good would be called evil. We’re seeing such a widespread acceptance. And guess what is growing at lightening speed? Pornography. It has skyrocketed since the inception of the internet. And with that growing trend? All sorts of perversion such as bestiality. I think about Noah and what the people must have been like then. One man in all those people. We must not give up.

There’s not much sensitivity there to what Jennifer Knapp is going through.  For this commenter, it’s all about good vs. evil.  And he tosses pornography and bestiality into the discussion.  I’m sure gays who have a committed, monogamous relationship will appreciate that!

5.  Someone had an article on the Tea Party called “The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants.”  You know, maybe not as many people would fear the Tea Parties so much if their supporters didn’t toss the word “blood” into the mix!  The Hitler and Obama-looking-like-the-Joker signs don’t help their image, either!

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