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Good Dating Profile, Desolate, Method Writing, Origen’s God Is More Merciful Than the Mishnah’s, Theodotian

1.  Zosia Zaks, Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults, page 195: On writing your profile for an Internet dating site: Try to make a favorable impression.  If you do nothing in life but sit in front of the … Continue reading

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Kevin Walker’s Journey Towards Forgiveness

I haven’t done a Brothers and Sisters write-up for some time, but last night’s two-hour episode was awesome.  I’ve always liked Kevin, the gay character.  He’s a cocky, intelligent, liberal lawyer with a bunch of sarcastic one-liners.  But I like him because … Continue reading

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Inclusive Chronicler, Metaphor and Worldview, Christian Allegory Rooted in Palestine, Symmachus Contra Anthropomorphism

1.  Sara Japhet, The Ideology of the Book of Chronicles and Its Place in Biblical Thought, pages 349-350: Since the purpose of [the Chronicler’s] genealogies is to portray the composition of Israel’s tribes by family, we must understand the above … Continue reading

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