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Intelligent Quote of the Day

There’s a good discussion about homosexuality and Christianity going on at Rachel Held Evans’ blog, under her post, Review: “Love is an Orientation” by Andrew Marin. Both the post and the discussion are worth reading. I left some comments there, … Continue reading

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Spelling Things Out

Zosia Zaks, Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults, page 89. Zosia suggests possible foods you can take with you if you’re going on a trip: Pick out one or two nutritious foods you can eat under most circumstances … Continue reading

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Moses in the Palace

One issue that puzzles a lot of readers of Exodus is this: Why was Moses afraid that he’d be punished for killing an Egyptian (Exodus 2:11-15)?  I mean, Moses was a prince of Egypt, right?  Would the Pharaoh have made a … Continue reading

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Baby Moses, Baby Sargon

Today is the last Day of Unleavened Bread.  I admit that I’ve slipped a few times this week—and not by accident.  I ate some chips a few days ago, and I ate a cookie this morning.  But I ate a lot … Continue reading

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