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Pluralistic Exclusivism

For my academic reading today, I didn’t start the books that I said I may begin in my post, “Elohim” for “YHWH”: Is This Significant?.  The reason is that, on Tuesday, I’ll probably go to the downtown public library to … Continue reading

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Lord’s Supper 2010

My religious tradition celebrates the Lord’s supper the night before Passover, which is tonight, for Passover is on Monday evening (March 29).  I’ll be celebrating the Lord’s supper alone this year.  I have some Matzos in the cupboard, and some … Continue reading

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Dolley Madison

For Women’s History Month today, I watched a beautiful and moving documentary about Dolley Madison, the fourth First Lady of the United States.  It was part of PBS’s American Experience series. I’ll get to Dolley Madison in a moment, but, … Continue reading

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A Conversation at a Latin Mass…

Okay, I chickened out and went to Latin mass this week, rather than to the Unitarian-Universalist church I was thinking of trying out (see I’m Flirting with Trying Out a New Church (But One Many of My Readers Won’t Like)).  Why?  Oh, … Continue reading

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Nancy McKeon on Firefighter

Today, for Women’s History Month, I watched Firefighter, a 1986 television movie starring Nancy McKeon, of Facts of Life fame.  You can watch it by going to http://www.youtube.com, then typing “Nancy McKeon Firefighter” into the search engine.  In my post, … Continue reading

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I Kings 20

For my weekly quiet time this week, I studied I Kings 20. King Ben-Hadad of Syria, his army, and thirty-two kings have besieged and attacked Samaria, the capital of Northern Israel.  Ben-Hadad lays claim to the wives, children, silver, and gold … Continue reading

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