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Eclectic Exodus 21:22-25, Julian’s Law, Known and Unknown, Mystical Cycle

1.  John Van Seters, A Law Book for the Disapora, page 126: The law regarding injury to a pregnant woman in [Exodus] 21:22-25 follows the Babylonian order, but in this specific case, the author has modeled it on the legal … Continue reading

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Feminine Mystique 12

I finished Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique (1963) today.  In her final chapter, “A New Life Plan for Women,” she basically tells women how they can be fulfilled.  One minute, she appears to be open to women volunteering, since that’s … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasure, Prerequisite for Christianity

1.  Marvin Pope, Song of Songs.  St. Augustine said in City of God 17:20 concerning the Song of Songs being allegory: The Canticle of Canticles is the spiritual joy of saintly souls at the nuptials of the King and Queen … Continue reading

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