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My Readings Recall My High School Christian-Group’s Debates

1.  I started a new book today, Manlio Simonetti’s Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church.  Simonetti discusses the Epistle of Barnabas, which dates to the late first-early second centuries B.C.E.  Barnabas (or, actually, Pseudo-Barnabas) believed that the Jews were wrong … Continue reading

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Feminine Mystique 7

Today, I read “The Mistaken Choice” in Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique (1963), along with the beginning of her next chapter, “The Sexual Sell.”  In my post, Feminine Mystique 3, I said that, in my reading up to that point, … Continue reading

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Van Seters on Slavery: Exodus 21 Updates Deuteronomy 15

John Van Seters, A Law Book for the Diaspora (pages 84-95): In my post, We’re Nice People!, Date of Song of Songs, Religious Evolution or Devolution?, A Roman Cure for Constipation, I talked a little bit about John Hobbins’ posts … Continue reading

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