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If I Could Go Back, Bernard’s “Tumescence”

1.  H.I. Marrou, A History of Education in Antiquity (page 272).  According to Marrou, when Augustine remembered “the sufferings he went through at school” and other aspects of his childhood at age 72, he asked, “Who is there who would … Continue reading

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Two Views on Song of Songs (Which I’m Too Tired to Evaluate)

Marvin Pope, Song of Songs, pages 108-109. A certain Ginsburg said that a French Jewish writing on the Song of Songs interprets it as follows, though there are scholars who disagree with Ginsburg’s reading: It interprets this Song as celebrating the … Continue reading

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In his post, Grasping at Straws Part Five–Evangelicals Defend Genocide, ex-fundamentalist Ken Pulliam interacts with a paper by Christian apologist Glenn Miller on the Israelite conquest of Canaan.  According to Miller, God’s aim was dispossession of the Canaanites, not annihilation.  … Continue reading

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The Romans on Homosexuality

Two quotes stood out to me in my reading today of H.I. Marrou’s A History of Education in Antiquity: Page 234: Having become a staff officer, the young Roman aristocrat completed his training under some well-known man for whom he … Continue reading

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