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Zelda Rubinstein, J.D. Salinger

Two people have passed away: Zelda Rubinstein and J.D. Salinger. 1.  Zelda Rubinstein played on the movie Poltergeist, though I knew her more as the mischievous secretary on Picket Fences.  My family didn’t watch Poltergeist, probably because we felt that … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow

I joined a Facebook group supporting Tim Tebow’s pro-life commercial, which may or may not appear during the Superbowl.  (Go Colts!) I joined it because, on the commercial, Tebow talks about how he’s glad that his mom didn’t abort him … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn

The AP has a story, Howard Zinn, liberal author of ‘A People’s History,’ dies. I don’t know much about him.  I heard of him on Good Will Hunting because Matt Daimon told Robin Williams’ that Zinn’s People’s History will “knock your … Continue reading

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Tigay and Khirbet Qieyafa?, Intertextuality and Judges, Is Mullen a Minimalist?

1.  In Ancient Israelite Religion, I read Jeffrey Tigay’s “Israelite Religion: The Onomastic and Epigraphic Evidence.”  Tigay’s conclusion after his survey is as follows (page 178): Since personal names, salutations, votives, prayers, and oaths express thanks for the gods’ beneficence, … Continue reading

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