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YHWH in the Underworld

I checked out the Alan Cooper article that I discuss in my last post, Avoiding a Suffering God; YHWH in the Underworld. Basically, Cooper’s argument is that Psalm 24:7-10 is about YHWH entering the Underworld to defeat death. Psalm 24:7-10 … Continue reading

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Avoiding a Suffering God; YHWH in the Underworld

Hi everyone! This will be a quick post. My home computer isn’t working, so I’m using one at the public library, and I only have 51 minutes left. So this will be fast! Anon15:5 and Elna: I read your comments, … Continue reading

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I Kings 2: Mentoring the Wise, A Fresh Start, God’s Plan B

For my weekly quiet time this week, I studied I Kings 2.  Here are four thoughts: 1.  David calls Solomon “wise” (vv 5, 9), even though Solomon later asks God for wisdom in I Kings 3.  Why would Solomon ask … Continue reading

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