Katie Couric’s Interview of Glenn Beck

Here is Katie Couric’s interview with Glenn Beck.  It’s a civil and intelligent discussion, and it lasts for 44 minutes.

Glenn Beck – CBS News Video

I appreciated what he said about the race issue and the right-wing marches.  He said that there are racists who march in these demonstrations, but most are reacting against an unresponsive government.  I think this is an important point.  I watch Chris Matthews, and I’m tired of how he paints the entire anti-Obama movement as racist.  The same goes for ex-President Jimmy Carter’s comments.  I’ve seen pictures of the march on Washington, and there were African-Americans holding up anti-government, anti-Obama signs.

I also thought that Glenn’s thoughts about government are important, even if I don’t agree with them entirely.  He quoted George Washington, who said that the government is like fire: it can help you, and it can hurt you.  That’s why Glenn was critical of the Patriot Act: he was against giving any President that much power, for power can be abused.

I can see the point of Glenn Beck’s critics, though: he portrays things in such an apocalyptic fashion that he may incite people to hate President Obama, seeing him as a threat to freedom.  I think it’s all right to criticize the President, whoever he may be.  But I hope people will express their criticisms in a peaceful manner: by trying to convince people of their point-of-view so they will vote at the ballot box, or contact their elected officials.

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4 Responses to Katie Couric’s Interview of Glenn Beck

  1. Joel says:

    James, I am a liberal-MSNBC watching Democrat, but even I cannot stand Chris Matthews.


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Hi Joel. Whom do you like to watch on MSNBC? Scarborough? The Ed Show? Olbermann? Rachel Maddow?


  3. Joel says:

    Actually, about all of those. Not a lot right now. Got to clear the brain a bit.

    I don’t much care for Morning Joe, but it is on in the morning.


  4. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Yeah, I used to watch Imus on days when I had a Greek quiz, and I got up early to study. But I missed the really objectionable episodes.


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