Patty Duke Reunion Movie (1999)

So why do I want to see the 1999 reunion movie for the Patty Duke Show? Here are my reasons:

1. I’ve been watching the Patty Duke Show this week to get it off my DVR. I want to see how they are and how they interact all grown up, or (in the case of the parents) older.

2. I’ve seen Patty Duke as an adult actress, and she doesn’t really remind me of her younger self. And I’ve seen William Schallert by himself before I even saw him on Patty Duke. So I want to see how the adult, mature, authoritative, matriarchal, somewhat cranky Patty Duke interacts with the fatherly William Schallert.

3. I saw parts of the reunion movie, and I see how Ross is all grown up. He doesn’t even look like his younger self! And I saw what the mom looks like after thirty years. But I haven’t yet seen Richard, Patty’s boyfriend. He’s on it somewhere. I wonder if he still has that nasally voice along with that likable caveman quality.

4. I want to see William Schallert acting as a white-haired old man. In most of what I’ve seen him in (e.g., Torkelsons, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Quantum Leap, the 1980’s Twilight Zone), he had black hair. I saw him with white hair on Desperate Housewives last season, but I didn’t know that was him. So I want to see the William Schallert I haven’t seen much of.

5. I want to see how Patty Duke plays Cathy. I’ve seen pieces. To be honest, the distinction between Patty and Cathy in this movie and the Social Security commercial isn’t as pronounced as it was in the 1960’s series. At least that’s my impression. But I’ll see more.

I ordered Patty Duke’s 1988 autobiography for a penny off of Amazon, and the bookstore thinks I want her book on manic depression. So I’m trying to cancel my order. Maybe I’ll check out her autobiography from my public library, which has it. I want to see her views on the show and its cast.

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