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Is Matthew 1-2 Midrash?

Roger Le Deaut, “Apropos a Definition of Midrash,” Interpretation 25 (1971) 276. Perrot…hesitates to use the term midrash for the narratives of Matt. 1-2, because of the central reference to Jesus rather than to Scripture.  But for the Christians, did … Continue reading

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Constitution Day

September 17 is Constitution Day. In my post last year (Sick, Constitution Day, Lenders, Palin on Hannity), I was somewhat ambivalent about the American constitution. I wondered if we should view it as an absolute in the war against terror, … Continue reading

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The Rabbis (and Rashi) on Israel’s “Sojourn”

Jacob Neusner, The Midrash: An Introduction (Northvale: Jason Aronson, 1990) 206. Neusner quotes Song of Songs Rabbah (sixth-seventh centuries): “When he came and said to the Israelites, ‘In this month you will be redeemed,’ they said to him, ‘Our lord, … Continue reading

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