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In Crazy for God, Frank Schaeffer talks about how he used to be inauthentic. When he was on the right-wing Christian speaking circuit, he felt inauthentic, as if he were playing a role, for he didn’t truly believe in what … Continue reading

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The Limits of Scripture

Jacob Neusner, The Midrash: An Introduction (Northvale: Jason Aronson, 1990) 106. Neusner sums up the essence of Sifre Numbers (third century C.E.) as follows: 1. Reason unaided by Scripture produces uncertain propositions. 2. Reason operating within the limits of Scripture … Continue reading

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Patrick Swayze

I just read that Patrick Swayze has passed away from cancer. I’ve not seen too many of his movies, to tell you the truth. I saw him in a 1986 episode of Amazing Stories, “Life on Death Row,” but I … Continue reading

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