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Musings on Witnessing

I promised that I would blog through Frank Schaeffer’s Crazy for God (Cambridge: Carroll and Graf, 2007), on-and-off, that is. Add to that “informally.” Here’s a quote from the prologue that made me want to keep reading: The habit of … Continue reading

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Catholic Community

At my Latin mass this morning, the homily discussed the part of the Apostle’s Creed about “the communion of saints.” For the priest, God’s people are united when they take the Eucharist, which is powerful because it is literally the … Continue reading

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Ramblings on II Samuel 17

For my weekly quiet time this Sabbath, I studied II Samuel 17. Things didn’t come together as neatly as they did for last week’s quiet time (on II Samuel 16). But I’ll give you my thoughts, and maybe you can … Continue reading

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