Imagine! Spirituality on a Christian Board!

You know, there are times when I can’t stand Christians. Not all Christians, mind you, since I can’t really stereotype so numerous and varied a group. But the ones I have problems with are many on my Christian dating site.

I visit the Bible Study and Theology Board, and they’re debating whether a Christian can lose his salvation. One side says that a Christian has to keep on repenting and doing good works in order to keep his salvation. The other side says that those who bear no spiritual fruit actually aren’t Christians in the first place.

One has to be self-righteous in order to have any assurance, in both scenarios. After all, if a person doesn’t cease from every sin and do enough good deeds, then he’s either in danger of losing his salvation, or showing he’s not really saved in the first place! But wait a second! Aren’t Christians supposed to be humble, as they talk about how they’re nobodies and beat themselves up for being sinners? I guess evangelical requirement A contradicts evangelical requirement B!

I visit the News and Current Events Board. Anytime someone criticizes Sarah Palin or George W. Bush, the vast majority of Christians gang up on that person and rebuke her for attacking a “fellow Christian.” Often, they even go so far as to question that person’s salvation for being so “bitter” and “hateful” about their heroes! “Shouldn’t you give your fellow Christian (Bush or Palin) the benefit of a doubt?,” they ask.

Yet, they don’t hesitate to trash Barack Obama, who also professes to be a Christian. He can do nothing right, as far as they’re concerned! And some of them treat their narrow political dogma as a sign of salvation. One liberal woman on the board was asked if she truly knew Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Why? I guess because abortion and homosexuality are the only issues God cares about, in the minds of these people. That must mean God is a Republican, and anyone who doesn’t worship at the altar of the G.O.P. isn’t truly saved!

It all makes me sick! There’s no humility or genuine spirituality in any of this, and I don’t care if they back up what they’re saying with prooftexts. Nothing they say feeds my soul, or inspires me to live a good life, or brings me closer with God.

Occasionally, and I mean very, very, very, very rarely, someone says something truly spiritual. In the whole debate over “once saved, always saved,” for example, a woman remarked in response to a “you can lose your salvation if you don’t do good works” advocate: I am so in agreement concerning the need to open our hearts before the Lord as we grow in our Christian walk…I know this is the basis for which we undergo continual cleansing…however…Please try to follow what I am saying…there comes a point in time when the heart is broken and all of man’s reasoning confesses to it’s limitation and one becomes aware of the fact that within themselves they are powerless to change..their’s is a pathetic and humbling experience, and this in fact is the true repentance acquainted with deep sorrow that opens the door for redemption and the acceptance of God’s gift SALVATION.

Isn’t this beautiful? Notice the humility, her sense of vulnerability and spiritual helplessness before God. Observe how she describes hitting rock bottom and trusting in the rock-solid faithfulness of a loving God to pick her up.

Sure, this woman believes in “once saved, always saved,” and there are biblical passages that go against that. And, as always, her “you can lose your salvation” opponent responded with her usual prooftexts. But it’s so refreshing to see true spirituality on a Christian board. And, unfortunately, it’s so rare.

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3 Responses to Imagine! Spirituality on a Christian Board!

  1. Marianne says:

    Just read the bible and obey it. A real christian will follow what is taught, and will not compromise God’s standards for political reasons.


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Thanks for your comment, Marianne!


  3. Marianne says:

    You are welcome. What is confusing to unbelievers,or anyone, now is that we are now in what was predicted to be the “great falling away.”

    In this apostasy will prevail, and the truth will be perverted for selfish reasons, and the Christians will not represent Jesus anymore to the world.

    only a remnant will come out of this. It is a time of trial by fire, and only the sincere faithful will make it.


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