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Patristics Carnival

I just read the latest patristics carnival. Looks like a lot of cool stuff, and I don’t just mean my posts! I should visit this site more often.

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Unity and Diversity

Frederick Copleston, A History of Philosophy, Volume I: Greece and Rome (Westminster: Newman, 1959) 63-64. Copleston discusses the views of Empedocles, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who lived in the fifth century B.C.E. Ordinarily, I quote from the book that I’m … Continue reading

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Highlights of MJ Funeral

I didn’t watch the Michael Jackson funeral today, but here are some highlights that I want to see at some point. It ends with Jacksons’ 11-year old daughter tearfully saying to her dad, “I’ll miss you so much”: » Touching … Continue reading

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