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Robert McNamara Has Passed Away

I just learned that Robert McNamara has died. McNamara was Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defense, who is blamed for America’s deep involvement in the Vietnam War. I want to write a fuller post, but that will have to wait, since … Continue reading

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Calvin on Daniel 4:27: Alms and Atonement

Johannes Quasten, Patrology, vol. II: The Ante-Nicene Literature After Irenaeus (Westminster: Christian Classics, 1990) 358. Cyprian was an African bishop in the third century. He states the following about God’s forgiveness of sins: As in the laver of saving water … Continue reading

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The “Me” and the “We” in Church

G. Reale, A History of Ancient Philosophy: The Systems of the Hellenistic Age, trans. John R. Catan (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1985) 403. B. Farrington (The Faith 18) notes that “Epicurus was more a prophet than a … Continue reading

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