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Biblical Esotericism

G. Reale, A History of Ancient Philosophy: The Schools of the Imperial Age, trans. John R. Catan (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1990) 22-23. The lucidity which the preceding age prized was the assett of the exoteric works … Continue reading

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Shower Thoughts on LOST

Ben is probably a lot more sinister than I give him credit for. Part of me wants to feel sorry for him because he appears to have sought Jacob’s validation, only to be rebuffed. But maybe Jacob said “What about … Continue reading

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LOST: Jacob and his Adversary

Jacob is something like God: he’s trying to bring the best out of people by teaching them to do good and putting them through experiences. He taught young Kate not to steal. He exhorted Sun and Jin at their wedding … Continue reading

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