Heroes: What’s the Company’s Agenda?

I’m still going through Season 1 of Heroes, and I plan to watch the last episode of the season today. What I don’t understand is this: You know that Company that Mr. Bennett (a.k.a., “horn-rimmed glasses”) used to work for, the one that’s owned by Mafia boss Mr. Linderman (who strikes me as too sophisticated to be a Mafia boss, to be honest with you)? What exactly is its agenda?

In the episode “Company Man,” I get the impression that the Company is trying to get rid of the dangerous mutants: those who can pose a real danger to the people around them. It tried to kill Claire’s real mom because she had “firestarter” abilities. That’s why the Company doesn’t like its workers to become too attached to the mutants: the workers may have to kill them if they turn out to have a dangerous ability!

Okay, so the Company is concerned about dangerous mutants, right? So you’d expect it not to like a mutant who can blow up New York City with his radioactive hands, right? Not so fast, for the owner of the Company, Mr. Linderman, actually wants New York to go up in flames at the hands of a dangerous mutant! For him, that sort of disaster would make the world a better place, as people come together in response to the catastrophe. So Mr. Linderman actually desires for a dangerous mutant to succeed.

So is the Company for dangerous mutants, or against them?

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2 Responses to Heroes: What’s the Company’s Agenda?

  1. Bryan L says:

    Man that was a good season.


  2. James Pate says:

    It was like a self-contained movie!


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