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Another Joan, Season 3

I found this on a Joan of Arcadia fan site–the one where MShaffer has his stories. It’s another Season 3 of Joan, and it looks lengthy and well-written: This should satisfy my Joan palate for a while! Before I … Continue reading

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Obama, Lost, Unusuals

Last night, I watched three things: President Obama’s press conference, the one-hundredth episode of Lost, and the Unusuals. Here are my reactions: 1. I liked some of the things that President Obama was saying. He said that signing the Freedom … Continue reading

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God on Trial

I watched God on Trial this past Saturday night. God on Trial is about concentration camp inmates who conduct a trial of God, charging him with neglecting his covenant with the Jewish people by allowing the Nazis to persecute and … Continue reading

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You’re on the Air with John Stormer!

One of my favorite books is None Dare Call It Treason, written by John Stormer. None Dare Call It Treason is a 1964 right-wing classic that was about Communist infiltration of key institutions (e.g., education, the media, etc.) as well … Continue reading

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Charlie Wilson’s War

I saw Charlie Wilson’s War yesterday. I loved it! The movie focuses on three characters. There’s Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks), a boozing, womanizing Democratic Congressman from Texas. There’s Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts), a right-wing socialite who’s concerned about the Russians … Continue reading

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Maude Meets Florida

This is an article in Entertainment Weekly reflecting on Bea Arthur’s acting career: Beatrice Arthur: An appreciation What’s hilarious is its video of Maude first meeting Florida. Maude was Bea Arthur’s character, and she was an upper middle-class white liberal … Continue reading

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Bea Arthur

I just learned that Bea Arthur has passed away. Bea starred on the popular sitcoms Maude and the Golden Girls. You know, this is somewhat of a shock to me, and the reason is that I watch the Golden Girls … Continue reading

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Kip McKean’s Samuel Series

I’ve been listening to Kip McKean’s series on I-II Samuel as part of my weekly quiet time (see here). Kip McKean was once head of the International Churches of Christ, which many consider a cult (see Although Kip is … Continue reading

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What Is the Point?

Russell Miller of Holy Mighty Atheist asks an excellent question in his post, What’s the point? He asks why people should be Christians, when Christians have the same moral flaws as non-believers. Here are some considerations: 1. There are good … Continue reading

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Spiritual Maturity

Today, I want to interact with ideas in two of James McGrath’s posts. The first one is from July, and the second one is more recent: Thank God For Blessing Us With A Fallible Bible Review of Robin Meyers, Saving … Continue reading

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