Where Are the Conservative Nerds?

I was watching Glenn Beck just now, and Ann Coulter was criticizing CNN’s coverage of the recent C-PAC conference (Conservative Political Action Committee).

Ann said that there were lots of “hotties” at the conference, many men who looked like Glenn (which I interpret to mean “the good looking football player” type), and “a few nerds.” But CNN chose to focus on the few nerds in large, empty rooms.

Man, I felt like I was back in high school! “Preps.” “Scuds.” “Jocks.” “Nerds.” Does Ann Coulter not like nerds? That would explain why she looked at me kind of funny when I asked her a question at Xavier!

Something that has long appealed to me about conservatism is that it appears to be an outside-the-elite sort of movement. That resonates with an outsider such as myself. Also, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have stories about how they did not socially fit in before they became famous.

But the conservative movement probably has its share of cliques–hotties, jocks, people with lots of money, etc.

What I like about the Gospels is that they present Jesus reaching out to the socially marginalized. Apparently, Christianity and the politically conservative movement are not exactly the same, as much as they may overlap in certain areas! But, then again, I’m sure there are cliques in churches as well.

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