Academy Awards (2009)

I will be rooting for Slumdog Millionaire tonight, since it has a cast of virtual unknowns. I tend to root for the underdog! And isn’t it ironic that the characters in the movie were underdogs–people who won a millionaire game, even though they were nobodies?

I also want Heath Ledger to win for his portrayal as the Joker. Why? Because he was a good and talented man, and his portrayal of chaotic evil has evoked quite a reaction among many!

I don’t want Milk to win, since that would be a nod to political correctness. That’s why I rooted for Walk the Line over Brokeback Mountain a few years ago (notwithstanding my admiration for Heath).

Regarding Frank Langella’s portrayal of Richard Nixon, I don’t know. I saw the Frost/Nixon interviews when they were on C-Span, and I don’t remember Nixon showing such a casual disregard for the law.

Here’s something interesting about Langella, though: he played the Pharaoh in that Moses movie with Ben Kingsley! Actually, James’ Thoughts and Musings fans may remember that Langella won my “Best Exodus Pharaoh” award in my 2008 Moses Marathon Awards. So, Frank, even if you don’t win tonight, remember that you’re an award-winning actor in my book (or, more accurately, on my blog).

I may not watch the awards tonight, but I’ll check the news later to see who won.

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