Thanksgiving 2008

It’s Thanksgiving today, and we just had our big meal. Now, we’re preparing ourselves for the best part of the holiday–leftovers for the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Most of my family and friends at the dinner didn’t think the football games were that much count. I did get to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s husband, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He had his helmet on, though.

UPDATE: Actually, he plays for the team that was opposing the Dallas Cowboys. I forget what they’re called.

In terms of the meaning of Thanksgiving, I read a lot of editorials saying that we should be thankful despite our hard times. That’s a lesson I should follow, whatever my hard times may be. As Paul said, be thankful in every circumstance (which doesn’t mean be thankful for every circumstance).

My brother finally mastered one side of the rubic’s cube. He’s the one with the engineering degree! I asked him which would come first: the Republicans coming back into power, or him mastering the entire Rubic’s cube. He said he could master the cube with the help of the Internet, but he’s not too sure about the Republicans getting power back anytime soon.

Tomorrow, I’m going to blog some on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which I watched last night. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving 2008

  1. Russell Miller says:

    I hope the republicans don’t get back in power anytime soon, even if I am sympathetic to some of their *stated* goals.

    There’s a guide to doing the rubik’s cube on the web somewhere, and it *does* work.


  2. James Pate says:

    Yeah, my brother was looking at one of those sites.

    You’re sympathetic to some of the GOP’s stated goals? You mean like less government?


  3. Russell Miller says:

    I like fiscal responsibility, less government in the sense that there are certain things government just shouldn’t be interfering one (but then that tends to interface quite well with my “social liberal” side), and the idea of people being responsible for their own successes.

    Note I said *stated*. The GOP hasn’t been living up to their stated goals for YEARS. There’s a reason the democrats are more centrist than anything anymore – the real republicans have been kicked out of their own party and have flocked over to the democrats.


  4. James Pate says:

    Yeah, I agree that Republicans are not exactly fiscally responsible. Are the Democrats? I don’t know. To his credit, Bill Clinton did cut some government spending. At the same time, he didn’t exactly get everything he wanted, such as his massive health care bureaucracy.


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