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Sneaking Stuff In

Source: H. Graetz, History of the Jews, volume II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1893) 385-386. “Akylas became celebrated through his new Greek translation of the Holy Scriptures. The license with which the Christians treated the old Greek version … Continue reading

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Tabula Rasa

Source: John Sellars, Stoicism (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006) 76-77. “In the immediately preceding text Epictetus acknowledges that we do not have innate ideas of triangles or other things that we learn via experience, but here he seemingly goes … Continue reading

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Bad Birds!

Source: George W.E. Nickelsburg, “Stories of Biblical and Early Post-Biblical Times,” Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period, ed. Michael E. Stone (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984) 42. “Sarah’s suffering [in Tobit] is caused by the demon Asmodaeus, Tobit’s blindness is caused … Continue reading

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