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Fishbane on Numbers 15, Part 1

Source: Michael Fishbane’s Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel (New York: Oxford, 1988) 190-191. Michael Fishbane compares Leviticus 4 and Numbers 15:22-29, which concern unintentional sins. He points out that Leviticus 4 (unlike Numbers 15:22-29) extends its discussion to the high … Continue reading

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Self-Defense on the Sabbath

Source: H. Graetz, History of the Jews, volume II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1893) 2. This isn’t on my reading list, but I don’t care because I’ve wanted to read Graetz’s history for a long time–ever since I … Continue reading

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Persecution in Egypt

Source: Peder Borgen, “Philo of Alexandria,” Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period, ed. Michael E. Stone (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984) 253-254. “By joining in cultural life, the Jews of Alexandria aimed at full citizenship of the Greek polis…Full Greek citizens … Continue reading

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Kidnapping Law, Part 3

This relates to my last Fishbane post, Kidnapping Law, Part 2, in which I promised to compare the Hebrew of Exodus 21:16 and Deuteronomy 24:7 to determine if the latter used the former as a source. I’ve colored the words … Continue reading

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Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton passed away today. He wrote such books as Jurassic Park, Congo, and Disclosure, as well as created the television series ER. I never read any of his books, though I saw his movies. T-Rex. Killer gorillas. Demi Moore … Continue reading

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Samuel the Non-Aaronite

Source: Jacob Lauterbach’s introduction in Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1933) xiii. “Tradition reports such an activity of studying and interpreting the Torah and of diligently searching out its full meaning and all its implications, even … Continue reading

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Where’d the Stoics Go?

Source: David Sedley, “Introduction,” The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy, ed. David Sedley (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) 12. “The pattern of post-classical survival largely represents the intellectual fashions that already prevailed in later antiquity, fashions which led … Continue reading

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