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Justice Tempered with Mercy

Source: Jacob Neusner’s Introduction to Rabbinic Literature, 257. “The Lord is a man of war, but the Lord is in no way comparable to a man of war, making war in a supernatural way, specifically by retaining, even while making … Continue reading

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Stoic Religion

Source: Glenn W. Most, “Philosophy and Religion,” The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy, ed. David Sedley (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) 315. “The Stoics define god as ‘intelligent, a designing fire which methodically proceeds towards creation of the … Continue reading

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Has There Ever…

Has there ever been a Presidential election in which the candidates campaign down to the very last minute? I’m still getting automated calls, as well as calls from Obama volunteers. And Obama and McCain are still stumping. Amazing! While I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Election

I voted this morning! I was planning on sleeping in and going to the polls at 10, but I couldn’t sleep because I was in my self-pity mode, so I got up at 5:30. When I got to my polling … Continue reading

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