Steve Foss’ Prophetic Warning

I came across this on my Christian dating site: A Prophetic Warning from Pastor Steve Foss. Pastor Foss attempts to boost his prophetic credentials when he claims that he predicted certain events successfully in the past. Now, he asserts that Barack Obama as President will use government to attack those who disagree with him. He points to the attacks on Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber as evidence.

I found this intriguing. I often wonder if the Barack Obama we see before us is all there is to the man. I’ve heard right-wing pundits claim that he has “thugs,” that he’s been part of corrupt political establishments, and that he was involved in trying to undermine Sarah Palin in Alaska. I don’t know how true this is. Was he or his campaign personally involved in these sorts of activities, or are they done by other elements of the Left? Does Barack have a Greg Stillson side to him (Stephen King’s Dead Zone)?

I read a column a while back by Chuck Norris (yes, the Churck Norris), which said Obama was not fit to be President because his personality is too conciliatory. I can’t picture that sort of person taking away our constitutional rights.

I remember a John Birch lady telling me in 1992 that Bill Clinton had a document to take away our constitutional freedoms. He never did that. But Bill Clinton did have his thugs, and he tried to undermine many people who disagreed with him (by digging into their pasts, etc.).

It also seems like there are different prophets. A while back I read a prophet who said Barack Obama has a hunger for righteousness. So which prophet is right? The one who portrays Obama as essentially decent, or the one who sees him as an Antichrist sort of figure?

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7 Responses to Steve Foss’ Prophetic Warning

  1. barackurvote says:

    Even i at one point started to feel this way but i didn’t tell anyone. So i picked up my bible and begin reading. What everyone seems to be forgetting, one very important ingrediant. The rappure has to have happended before the anti-crist rears his head.( and i know i would be gone if that has happen) So relax it isn’t him!!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be alot of negative comments regarding Obama(in fact overwhelming). The internet is teaming with his differing histories. To some he is the Messiah for modern times. To others, he is antichrist.
    I think it interesting that his name’Barak Obama’ means ‘lightning in the high place,’ not that that is important.
    But I feel there is alot of paranoia that is being promoted by the conspiracy theorists, as well as the McCain camp.
    I suspect in the long run that all the hot air will be put into a balloon and float away with the new administration’s official placement in the government.


  3. James Pate says:

    Yeah, I doubt he’s the Antichrist. I guess some peg him as such because he’s charismatic and isn’t a conservative Christian.


  4. stephen says:

    Well James, your rambling is and was just rambling. Looks like the word or warning Mr. Foss had actually was right.

    Today is 9-15-2011 and is has come to pass that Obama has made the statement that America is not a Christian Nation, he has bowed to Islamic Leaders, he has and still is trying to ruin or destroy America, he has been trying to make our Constitution null and void, he wants America to give our sovereignty to the U.N., he has almost bankrupted America… but just give him the little time he has left in his term and he just may accomplish that.

    He has opened our borders to illegal aliens and given them more rights and financial support than legal Americans. He has destroyed Capitalism and more Americans are out of work today than in history.

    Now tell me, who has egg all over his face? You or Foss?


  5. James Pate says:

    Am I important enough to have egg on my face?

    Unfortunately, the link to Foss’ alleged prophecy no longer works. But I don’t see America under some sort of dictatorship due to Barack Obama.


  6. James Pate says:

    Not that I don’t have my share of egg on my face. Like a lot of right-wingers, I said that the recession during Bush’s Presidency was no big deal and that we’d quickly get out of it.


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