Eagleburger on Palin, Obama

I wanted to write some posts yesterday, but my Internet doesn’t seem to work at nights. I’ll have to call my provider on Monday to see what’s wrong.

I watched Mike Huckabee last night, and Lawrence Eagleburger was on. Eagleburger was one of George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of State. He recently said that Sarah Palin is not ready to assume the responsibilities of President. Or at least that’s what the media headlines told us. Actually, the article I read (Ex-chief diplomat says Palin not ready for top job) quotes Eagleburger as saying that Palin has a good mind and can learn really quickly. He even said she has the potential to become a “genius.” But the media are good at taking complex things and limiting them to a flashy headline, crafted according to their bias, of course.

They’ve done this before. When the Alaska legislature came out with the report on troopergate, there was nuance in it, and the AP acknowledged that fact in the story (sort of). But the headline said, “Report: Palin Abused Power.” Hopefully, people read more than the headlines. But I wouldn’t count on it. I don’t all of the time.

On Huckabee’s show, Eagleburger called Barack Obama a “charlatan” because of his fund-raising and ACORN. I wonder if the AP will hype this up, the way it did his comments on Palin. Or are they simply harping on his Palin comments because they want to point out all of the big names who somewhat believe that Palin is not qualified?

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