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A Deep God?

Source: Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Being Catholic: How We Believe, Practice, and Think (Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2006) 185. “There are many ways to see God in creation. Everything that is is somehow created to reflect God. We can … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture a few nights ago because Stephen Collins was on it, and I wanted to see if he was anything like Eric Camden on 7th Heaven. Catherine Hicks was on Star Trek IV, and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2008

It’s Thanksgiving today, and we just had our big meal. Now, we’re preparing ourselves for the best part of the holiday–leftovers for the weekend after Thanksgiving! Most of my family and friends at the dinner didn’t think the football games … Continue reading

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An Open CGI

I’m home in Indiana right now, and one of my traditions when I’m here is to peruse old issues of the Journal. The Journal is a newspaper that has articles by various people in the Armstrongite movement, though I believe … Continue reading

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Another Nullified Law

Source: H. Graetz, History of the Jews, volume II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1893) 487. “How great a reverence was felt for Judah may be seen from the fact that, on his death, no less honors were paid … Continue reading

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Why Mess with It?

Source: John Sellars, Stoicism (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006) 126. “But of course every finite being will come up against external causes that will limit its freedom. Ideally one will want to reduce the number of those freedom-limiting encounters … Continue reading

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Source: J.J. Collins, “The Sibylline Oracles,” Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period, ed. Michael E. Stone (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984) 374. “The assumption of Geffcken and Rzach that the conquest of Mesopotamia could only be prophesied after the fact is … Continue reading

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