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Which Source Is Earlier?

Sources: Jacob Neusner’s Introduction to Rabbinic Literature, and Judith Hauptman’s “Mishnah As a Response to ‘Tosefta,’” which is in Specific Problems in Rabbinic Literature. What influenced what? That seems to be where Neusner and Hauptman disagree. According to Neusner, the … Continue reading

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Pity and Plato

Source: Martha C. Nussbaum, “Philosophy and Literature,” The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy, ed. David Sedley (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) 226. “[Plato’s] Republic x takes an even stronger stance against tragic poetry…Once again, the ethical objection raised … Continue reading

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Halloween 2008

Today is Halloween. To read my Halloween reflections for last year, see Halloween 2007. I’d like to spend tonight watching horror movies, but I checked out some more Joan of Arcadia DVDs, and I want to watch those before they’re … Continue reading

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